The Passion for Art

This two part interview series, filmed at the Loft Gallery in Thornbury, Ontario, tries to get at the root of what drives four prominent local artists. Join us over lunch for the next two Wednesdays and discover these Canadian artists and their vivid imagery.

July 4th - Jennifer Woodburn, Janet Leisemer & Jason Alexander


June 27th - Lorne McDermott & Debra Lynn Carroll

The Passion for Art was produced in association with the Loft Gallery Inc. 


Upcoming Presentations: 


Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race

Saturday August 11th, we'll be bringing this 100km adventure race to you live from Wiarton, Ontario. Viewing is free to the general public. 

A Void in Ice.jpg

A Void in Ice 

This 8-part documentary-style series chronicles the journey of the Toboggan and its crew, as they sail through the newly ice-free north-west passage. Contribute to this project and gain access to the upcoming episodes at AVII on Patreon.