Geneaology and Genetics

A Free Public Workshop


Thinking of buying an ancestral DNA test for yourself or someone else? Already have your results?

This free, day-long workshop will help you understand the science, ethics, social and privacy implications of direct-to-consumer genetic genealogy. 


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10AM - Introductions and Coffee

10:15AM to 12:15PM - Presenters: Susan Young (Where Genealogy Meets Genetics), Hendrik Poinar (The Science of Genetic Genealogy), Wendy Roth (Genetic Genealogy & Racial and Identity)

12:15PM to 2PM - Documentary Screening: Data Mining the Deceased - Ancestry and the Business of Family

2PM to 2:15PM - Break

2:15PM to 4:15PM - Presenters: Darryl Leroux (Genetic Genealogy and the Invention of Indigenous Ancestry), Kieran O'Doherty (Privacy and Genetic Genealogy), François Baylis (The Ethics of Bio-Data & Genetic Genealogy)

4:15PM to 4:45PM - Concluding Discussion