What we Offer

Video has become an expected part of our digital platforms and we have the equipment and expertise necessary to produce the professional quality content you need. Whether you require an internal training video, green screen studio time for your social media videos, or a live video solution our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to find cost-effective solutions to take your content or event to the next level.

Whether a client is after live video services or more conventional video production services, we've got revenue generating solutions that can turn your investment in high quality content into a new revenue source or at least make it cost neutral to your organization. Ask us about how we can help you monetize your content.

We also offer video solutions that are AODA compliant. Find our more about our live and recorded captioning services here


Live Events

Our state of the art equipment allows us to stream your event live to any digital smart device in the world using the same platform as BBC, Fox or CNN. Fiber optics, multiple cameras, integrated graphics, and interactive display platforms are harnessed to meet your needs and reach your audience.



Our platform allows multiple cameras to be used simultaneously so none of the action is missed. Whether it is a surfing event, a multi-sport adventure race, or a downhill  ski race talk to us today about how we can take your event to the next level. Imagine, greater audiences, bigger sponsors, additional revenue. 


This is one of the most expensive requirements of every business whether local, regional or global. Live-streaming  your training enables employees to stay in the work place, eliminate travel time, venue costs and accommodation expenses. Increase the number of people you can train, archive your session's for future use and reduce your costs.


Live streaming allows you to sell tickets to people who would love to have come to your event but can't get there. It enables you to increase your potential audience and revenue, and drive traffic to your website to watch your event embedded in your own website. We can archive all presentations so they may be purchased by your physical or online attendees after the event too.

Production Services

We've streamlined our studio experience to make it easy for clients to produce multiple videos in a single session and walk away with a finished product. Our post-production services and custom graphics are offered at competitive prices and ensure your video looks exactly the way you want.


Green Screen

Our green screen studio allows for anything from a simple background to a custom built newsroom to appear behind you. Our space is perfect for creating short advertising videos, video press releases, vlogs and pretty much any video where controlling lighting sound and your background is important.


Our professional post-production services covers all facets of video and audio editing. Whether you're looking to produce a reel from your live event to share with sponsors, edit the social media videos you produced in studio, or need post-production done on your self-produced documentary ... we've got the talent and expertise you're looking for.

3D Animation and Graphics

We can build the graphic or background you need for your video. Whether you're looking for an animated sequence traveling down a ski hill or a custom graphic for your presentation, we've got designers and animators that can produce the imagery you're looking for.