What We Offer

CTRE enables your organization to live stream your meeting, presentation, conference, concert or sporting event to any digital smart device in the world in a cost effective professional manner, using the same platform as the BBC , FOX & Time Warner Cable.

We even have the capability of being cost neutral or acting as a revenue generator. Imagine taking your event to the next level and earning money from our service too. 

How can live streaming help me with.....


This is one of the most expensive requirements of every business whether local ,regional or global. Live-streaming  your training enables employees to stay in the work place, eliminate travel time, venue costs and accommodation expenses. Increase the number of people you can train, archive your session's for future use and reduce your costs.


Live streaming allows you to sell tickets to people who would love to have come to your event but can't get there. It enables you to increase your potential audience and revenue, and drive traffic to your website to watch your event embedded in your own website. We can archive all presentations so they may be purchased by your physical on online attendees after the event too.

Sporting Events:

Our platform allows multiple cameras to be used simultaneously so none of the action is missed. Whether it is a surfing event, a multi-sport adventure race, or a ski race talk to us today about how we can take your event to the next level. Imagine, greater audiences, bigger sponsors, additional revenue. 


Thinking about having your own podcast series?  Cost effective Audio & Video onsite mobile recording available.

Video Production & Editing:

Out team provides a full professional service covering all facets of video production and editing.

Revenue Generation:

If you would like the opportunity to generate revenue from your event, talk to our team today. Let us listen to what you wish to achieve or the amount you would like to earn. Then design a strategy to achieve it using our very own event revenue projection calculator.