Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)
Video Compliance Solutions

What are Accessible Communications?

Depending on the situation and the person’s needs, there are a variety of ways to make communications more accessible. These include:

  • Making the original communication more accessible

  • Changing the usual method of communication

  • Using assistive devices or services.

Depending on how you choose to address the issue of accessibility, there are a variety of different solutions with different price points that can serve your needs.


Sometimes communication can be made accessible if the needs of people with disabilities were considered during the planning stage of services. Using plain language can help to make a document easier to read for people with certain learning disabilities and including captioning or sign language windows to television advertisements or videos allows many people who are Deaf or hard of hearing to understand these communications.

What Must I do When Communicating?

Customer Service Standard: 3. (4) When communicating with a person with a disability, a provider shall do so in a manner that takes into account the person’s disability.

Communication is a process of providing, sending, receiving and understanding information. This section of the regulation is a specific requirement to communicate with an individual with a disability in a way that takes the person’s disability into account.

CTRE Solutions for Compliance

CTRE offers four main solutions to assist an organization with meeting their compliance requirements, outside of recording or streaming an event.

  1. Captioning for recorded videos
    Videos can have captions added as subtitles or burned into the video directly.

  2. Transcript of video
    Produced through the same processes as captioning, transcripts can be provided of the proceedings captured in the video.

  3. Audio file
    Audio can be stripped from the video for listening in the car or for those without video screens.

  4. Live Captioning
    The most costly solution available, requires advanced notice and can be costly. Please inquire for more details.