Tailored solutions to support success and growth

CTRE Productions’ dedicated staff, with over 10 years of experience in the non-profit sector, work directly with clients to design and implement tailored solutions to support success and growth.

We work with non-profit organizations to develop a dynamic funding plan that supports all areas of project development. Our process involves the client from start to finish.

Many grants require a long application process that can include forecasting, business plans, identifying project teams, and identifying strategies and mechanisms for managing the project. Given the wealth of experience and expertise on our team, we support our clients in developing these plans and everything they need for project success.


When you meet with CTRE staff, you will receive strategic coaching services to help identify the best strategies for cash flow planning and project timing.

We go through all of the funding details with your team – we review your projects and determine best fit for funding and other revenue generating options to optimize your project.

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