Revenue Generation

Discover how digital video can revitalize your revenue sources

Bells & whistles make a lot of noise …. but chocolate sprinkles make everyone feel so good!


CTRE makes it simple for advertisers to get what they want, and when they want it!

Traditional video ads can be integrated into any live broadcast or virtual event. Our revenue generation experts can help you maximize your potential ad revenue with our advertiser database. The analytics our platform provides gives advertisers a great sense of their return on investment, and can help you secure higher value advertisements for future events.

Offer businesses the opportunity to purchase an advertisement, on screen, at your next event. Create strong community collaborations.


Analytics allow everyone to be more efficient and help to minimize wasted marketing!

Location, device, and view time data are available from the stream, while our user access portal is able to collect any data point you’d like from a would-be viewer. Such insight helps develop personalised marketing strategies for the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

This makes your audience goals and sponsorship value measurable, meaning that the data can help you justify your expenses to funders, sponsors and stakeholders. Data is priceless and can assist you in making the next project your biggest success.


We make it simple for donors to give what they want, and when they want!

With customizable donation options and multiple payment types, CTRE provides you with an easy platform to reach donors on an international basis.  Once your project has been created, you can share via multiple social media platforms including Facebook.


Sell your merchandise online!

During your event, easily identify/tag items on screen that can be purchased online and delivered straight to your audience. T-shirts, hats, CDs and more can be tagged onscreen with a direct link to the purchase centre.

This provides you an opportunity to raise money as well as increase your brand awareness. CTRE eliminates any unnecessary steps in your checkout process that could void a purchase.

PAYWALL – Tickets

Sell your event now!

Announce your event ahead of time and build your audience immediately. Have tickets available online through CTRE Productions. Our secure hosting platform and smart player work together to offer the right balance of user data and privacy. These systems allow us to securely process payment but what our clients love the most, is the ability to collect viewer analytics.


Create strong community collaborations!

Provide local businesses with the opportunity to purchase sponsorships and in return you can provide them with ways to connect with their community by gaining visibility and growing brand acknowledgement.

This makes your sponsorship value immeasurable, meaning that the data can help you define your audience demographics and justify your expenses.

Offer businesses the opportunity to become a sponsor, on screen, at your next event.


Pay-Per-View (PPV) is a pay-as-you-use feature.

Sell your videos online and charge your viewers a one-time-fee for accessing the same. Embedding your live stream event to your website, after the event has been completed, means you can sell access to the event at a later date.

Space around the embedded video player, on your own website, can be created and offered to other sponsors or advertisers for additional revenue opportunities.