Video is an expected part of today’s virtual experiences

CTRE Productions has the services to meet those expectations

CTRE provides an array of services centered around digital video. We can roll out to your large music festival for a full live production that gives folks at home a front row seat to the music. You can come to our state of the art green screen facility and record social media or online training videos. Or we can meet online with the rest of your audience for a complete virtual video experience. CTRE also provides specially designed video broadcast system integration and installation.

Live Production

Using state of the art video broadcasting equipment and experienced teams of live producers, CTRE Productions can stream your event live to any digital smart device in the world.
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Studio Production

Video production of any size by using the capabilities of our green studio facility and our entire production team for anything from social media videos to documentary film production.
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Virtual Events

A fully online experience with top notch video content, digital environments and cutting edge interactive capabilities.
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Integrated video broadcasting systems using industry leading technology, installed for maximum production value and access for all venues and institutions.
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We also offer video solutions that are AODA compliant.
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