Virtual events

take things one

step further

Bring in multiple presenters or performers from anywhere around the world and let them share with your audience. Host sessions and live interactive chats. Let attendees choose their sessions with multiple breakout rooms and give your vendors their own area to promote their products and engage attendees in one-on-one videos.

Our custom built, fully loaded virtual conference center is the perfect space to host your virtual conference or general meeting. Fully equipped for video conferencing, ticketing, trade show sales, etc

We specialize in awkward and rise to any challenge.

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Virtual events can have every aspect of physical events, including revenue streams like ticketing, sponsorship and merch sales.  For more information on how CTRE Productions can assist you in being cost neutral and help you increase your revenue generating opportunities.

Virtual event include
  • Consult to assess your presenter’s internet connection and video quality
  • Professional online technical staff who will produce the virtual event
  • State of the art equipment, with backup hardware and internet connectivity at our virtual production facility, to ensure the success of your event
  • Live webcast streamed in real time to your audience
  • Collaborative chat feature
  • Add revenue with online hosting of view-on-demand archives
  • Full branding and unlimited audience sizes

Virtual Reel